real people. real change. at amazi, we want to elevate your bath experience, while also elevating people around the world! amazi = water in the African language of Kirundi. With each purchase you make, you receive a luxury bath product + you give clean water, careers, and sanitation education to people in developing nations!


when you use amazi products, you bring health and well-being to others and to your home. we handcraft our products with thoughtful, all-natural ingredients like essential oils, no sulfates, and organic plant oils. our handcrafted bath luxuries will ignite your senses and uplift your bathtime experience.


together we can initiate impactful change. shop now to join the mission and #letsdoamazingthings!

amazing facts

amazi works with organizations such as Water4, who are focused on eradicating the world’s water crisis. in 2016, Water4 supported 601 new water points and have installed over 3,000 wells since their inception in 2008. what does that mean? over one million people now have access to clean water.

the effects of your purchases go beyond clean water. each well project employs a local team of drillers; men who previously did not have access to a sustainable career. women and children, whose days revolved around the journey to clean water, now have time to attend school, seek alternate employment, and more.

250. the average number of people receiving clean water through each well project. that’s not just clean water for a day, week, or year; it’s clean water for 15-20 years.

your purchase matters. the purchase of one bar of soap provides 72 liters of clean water - that’s water for a family of four.

#letsdoamazingthings our team wanted to create a platform for your voices. use our hashtag to spread the love of clean soap and providing clean water to change the world.


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